Bianca Fire

  Ciao ragazzi!

  My  name  is  Bianca  Fire,  i  am  26  years old  and  i  am a  pretty  Italian  lady.

 I  am  going  to  start  talking  a  little  about  myself,  like  that  you  can  get  an  idea  how  i  am  in  society.

Two   years  ago   i   came   to   Barcelona   to   study  and  i fell in love  with the city. When i finish my erasmus i took the decision of  staying  to live  here.

 I  am  a  very  social  and  outgoing  person,  i  love  laughing  and  enjoying  life.

 I  consider myself a sweet and loving person and i adapt easily to any situation.  I am very sensitive but at the same time my  strong  personality  makes  me  your  ideal  companion  on  your  pleasure  trips.

 This   side of my character makes the intimacy often  take me command  of  the  situation  and  my man do what i want, pleasing me in my whims ... So to you to know treat me like an angelic girl or otherwise be the redhead taking full control of the situation.

  Another aspect i would also like to share with you is my bisexuality. I am convinced that every woman has her "by" side, and  that sooner  or  later  it will come out. I like satisfying that unknown curiosity on the search of another feminine body.

I  must  confess  that  i  feel  really attracted by beautiful women and have affairs with them, playing with seduction looks, flirting  and  being  carried  away  by  it.  It  is  something  i cannot resist.  So if you want too come accompanied  by your partner  you  can  be  sure  that  this ménage  à  trois, both  for  you  and  even  more  for  her, it will  be  unforgettable.

 I  have  many  interest  that  you  will  discover  while we are getting to know each other.  Some you will enjoy  during our first   encounter,  the  others  slowly  while   we   get   to  now  each  other  more intimately  and   then  blend  like  perfect lovers.  Always  playing  at  seducing  each  other  with  passion.

 Something  else  i  can  say  about  me....

 Thanks to  my  studies,  i  have  traveled  a  lot,  so  i  speak  fluently  English  and  Spanish.

I  also  love  traveling  to  visit  new  countries,  knowing  abut  their  cultures,   gastronomy,  and  their way of living.  That i consider  a  mental  and  spiritual  growing.

 Among   my   hobbies   are  running,  swimming,  fashion,  the music...  

There  is  one  that  for  me  is very special, sailing.

In fact is something  that   always have had all my attention and    fantasy, that some day  i  could be  in the middle of the sea, away  from  everything, with  the  horizon  on  my  way,  the  sun  rays  tanning  my  body  an the breeze stroking my skin...  

For  me there is nothing like that, it is just in one of those moments when i fell alive and discover myself, out there away from everything.

Like a good Italian as i am, i have a strong interest about gastronomy, i love cooking and try creative dishes cooked by a  good chef on the company of an interesting man....

 Now   that   you    know    a  little  about   me,  i  invite  you   see   my   pictures   gallery   and  video y look  at my image.

Discretion   is   something   i   value   a   lot,   that  is  way  i  don't  show  my  face.

Sweets kisses!


About my

A little more about my

Originally:                                                        Italy

Location:                                                         Barcelona

Age:                                                                 26

Height:                                                            177 cm

Weight:                                                            57 kg

Breast:                                                             90 cm

Waist:                                                               63 cm

Hip:                                                                  95 cm

Eyes:                                                               Green

Hair:                                                                 Red

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